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I loathe Ted Nugent. He is a dreg of society. He's also an idiot.

I'm surprised he hasn't shot himself yet.

I mean with a gun and not his foot.

Anyway, he's a fool, and I'm sick of his garbarge because he is to blame, in part, for Sandy Hook. He glorifies this object of violence, places it above the God he claims to follow and is part of a culture where people want to shoot people. He threatens and struts and make like he's a big man. But like everyone who is a part of this culture of the gun, he is a utter wimp. He's a chicken. Have you heard how he chickened out of 'Nam?

It's gross and childish. 

He had a chance to have the government to give him all the guns he wants and he could shoot all the people he wants and he instead crapped his pants and stayed in it for a week so he could get out of it. He's a wimp.

A gun is the only way he can feel like a man.

I bet his "Derringer," historically famous for being small and concealable, must be tiny...


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