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Glenn Grothman holds a special place in my heart. He does. 

I'm serious.

Because this clown truly doesn't know any better. For those who don't know, Glenn Grothman is the Wisconsin Republican state senator who believes that pre-school does damage to children and that being a single mother is a form of child abuse. But unlike some representatives who spout such awful things, he only sees the world from his mother's basement. He's not married, nor does he have any children, yet he is civic minded enough to serve his community by running for public office.

I think it's sweet when he takes his mom out to state functions, like the post recall brat-barbeque. 

I would of course never vote for him and I had supported the person who ran against him this year in the election. He's a bit like Les Nessman from WKRP, he doesn't mean to be racist and sexist, that's just the way he sees things from his childhood bedroom.

I like Glenn Grothman. He just goes through life not expecting that the "B" is out on the printer...He's not racist because he hates, he's racist because his mother taught him that and that is why he wrote a hate filled press release which said Kwanzaa is really full of hate. The worse part is, he plagiarized it from Ann Coulter.

He holds a special place in my heart because he's a cartoon. He's the worst the Republicans have to offer. He is hateful, racist and looks like an Albino child molester. He's not a monster, he's just a broken child. He is just a cartoon of a man, going through life with a broken B.


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