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So, Marsha Blackburn is muscling in on Michele Bachmann territory. Granted, she has yet to commit treason, but let's give her some time.

She is so pro-death pro-gun that the NRA had to invent a new rating just for her. So she went on Soledad O'Brein's show and created a new Obama conspiracy theory. 

Now, I am no fan of Obama, but he is someone who loves sports for the competition. He doesn't play to win but to challenge himself. I respect that. There are plenty things to challenge Obama on, however the Republican party makes stuff up. Why? Because they wish they could be in the pocket of Wall Street and execute Americans without a trial just like Obama. They are mad that Obama is a better Republican president then they are.

I mean how can an African-American be better at being a Republican? That's just crazy talk, right? 

So these jealous reptile-brained morons of the far right criticize the legitimate right-wing party, the Democratic party. Let's get rid of the Republican party because they are not an alternative. They are a joke, like Marsha Blackburn, who uses her racism to cover up the fact that Obama is the second greatest Republican president in my lifetime after Bill Clinton.


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