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Have you read the Mother Jones study? It was updated the very day a man walked into a parking lot at a Sikh temple and shot 6 before killing himself. To look at the study, one must understand how they picked the data they looked at, because that is the key to understanding the article. If the shooter took the lives of at least four people, the killings were carried out by a lone shooter, the shootings occured in a public place, if the shooter died or was hurt from injuries sustained during the incident, he is included in the total victim count, and included in the six so-called "spree killings." So, yes, the data is cherry picked but they wanted to look at what you and I thought of as a mass shooting incident. What I thought was incredible, out of the 62 cases they looked at, 49 of them bought their guns legally, 12 illegally and 1 was unknown.

According to my math, 79% of mass shootings are carried out by someone who bought their guns legally. Honestly, if I was a gun owner and I was inconvenienced because I wanted a gun that is favored by mass shooters, I wouldn't mind. I mean, if I'm a piss poor shot and I needed an assault rifle to hit a deer, maybe I should look into a new hobby, because I suck.

Listening to Wayne LaPierre talk about the issues of guns is hard, because his logic is so flawed. I found it unsettling the way he spits out the word "criminals." There is so much venom in his voice. So much hate. That says several things to me, but what it really does is make me think of a wonderful conversation I heard on NPR.

Here in Maryland, we have a fantastic local show called Midday with Dan Rodericks, and back in 2009, if I remember correctly, he had on Assistant Professor David Gray, JD, PhD, of the University of Md. School of Law who said something I thought was interesting. There was a case here in Maryland where a thief broke into a college student's apartment and met his end at the end of a samurai sword. First of all, a sword, unlike a gun, is a man's weapon. Secondly he said something like (and sadly they don't have the episode avaliable on the website) "We should ask ourselves about how we, as a society failed this man who died. He was sent to prison multiple times yet he had to turn to a life of crime, why is that?"

Now, to be fair, we will never fully know that criminal's story, also pointed out by Dr. Gray, but there is a valid point there. When you see someone who has turned to a life of crime, how much of that is societal? How much of that is desperation?

So when I hear someone like Ron Paul say "I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal," I know what he means when he says the word "Criminals." When Wayne LaPierre and gun nuts of his ilk spit out the word "criminal" I think we can safly assume what they really mean is "Blah people," um, I mean African-Americans.

Because when you look at gun culture, gun magazines and the like, it is whiter than a folk festival. There is very little diversity. I needed to get some photo reference for an upcoming story, so I bought a magazine. I noticed that there was not a minority to be found. All the guns spotlighted were not just military style weapons, but were in active service throughout the world in various militaries. I figured there would be a brother in at least "Black Guns Magazine," but it's not that kind of magazine. Nor is it for the ladies. It's dedicated to the AR-15 and military grade assault weapons.

So they demonize black people through coded language and they keep them unarmed (tomorrow I will share the history of this) while they are living in fear that the current president is going to take away their guns. Obama, until Sandy Hook has only loosened the gun laws. Then he signed a bunch of executive orders that basically said "Hey, you know those laws we got? Why not enforce them?" 

Why not, right? He's not going to take away your gun. Remeber, it was Joe Biden that said, "I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey. They’re going to start peddling that to you. I got two, if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem." Wait, did Joe Biden just threaten the president? Quite frankly, if you ask my opinion, if you use the phrase "Gun-Grabbers" you are probably more likely going to shoot someone at some point and you probably shouldn't own a gun.

Now, I'm going to start asking you this every episode in this story: please go to the paypal link and make a payment to help aid the protesters in paying legal fees or if you would rather send a check, please message Sue Trace and she will help you. They do have attorneys who are representing them for low or no cost. But at $36 per jury fee, the costs are mounting. These people are singled out by the Scott Walker administration and are trying be silenced instead of being allowed to express their Constitutionally protected rights. 



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