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As my long time readers know, I don't like the Pauls. To quote Sam Seder (Or was it Cliff Schector, it was a long time ago, please forgive me) about an excellent Glenn Greenwald piece, "Ron Paul is not the lesser of two evils, he's just a different kind of evil." That is why when Ron Paul is on the right side of an issue (usually for the wrong reasons, but that's another story) I applaud him and respect him for his leadership on that issue. Some of the best work he did was with Barney Frank. However, let's remember, his son is not as well disiplined. Although they both agree that, as Jay Smooth said, "his Ideal government just happens to be one that would happen to open lots of doors for racism."

The thing that separates the SOMETIMES principled Ron Paul and his son, is that Rand Paul is a corporate whore. From his defense of the totalatarian coal companies, to whining that BP should be left alone while they flooded our shores with oil (And we are still cleaning up today.), to defending the un-American practices of Bain Capital, he is happy to be in the pocket of big business.

This is a wonderful door to show the dangers of libertarianism. Government's job is to protect the people. However, Neo-Confederates in libertarian clothes, like the Pauls, can sound Libertarian, but, to turn a phrase, their ideal govenment just happens to be one that would happen to open lots of doors to fascism. And from father to son, you can see how it works. Where Ron Paul wants to roll back government, Rand Paul would use that void to be filled in with corporations, leaving a weakened government unable to protect our land and people from corporate overreach.

Which is why it's perfect, that the Fascist front group ,The Tea Party Express, would ask Senator Paul to do their rebuttal to the state of the Union.

Which I can't wait for because of how epically crazy they have been. Remember the first one they did? Keith Olbermann tweeted “Seriously, somebody at the Tea Party needs to run on the stage, grab her, and POINT TO WHERE THE CAMERA IS.” (*Sigh* I miss Keith Olbermann sometimes.)

For their second one, they got Herman Cain, who basically said nothing. Where were the Tea Party's big ideas? Oh, yeah they really don't want you to know. Why? Because the Tea Party Express wants to erode the protection of the people by eroding the government so their corporate interests can fill the void.

As gun nuts so like to argue, but often fail to reach the logical conclusion, a corporation (or a gun, in their argument) isn't inherently evil, but those who run it have evil intentions. I say that's half true, because let's not forget, a corporation is supposed to make a profit (A gun is supposed to maim and kill). Although there are some CEOs who have the best interests of the stockholders and their employees at heart, they have to maximize as much profit as possible. As Sophocles said, "Surely there never was so evil a thing as money, which maketh cities into ruinous heaps, and banisheth men from their houses, and turneth their thoughts from good unto evil." Jesus said much the same thing 500 years later. We know that money corrupts. And with the Paul's and their version of "freedom" you can see how one man's principle can become another's evil once you errode what is supposed to protect us. Ron Paul may be a different kind of evil, but Rand is just the same evil in a new set of clothes.


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