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Didn't Rick Santorum run for Pope in 2012? It must have been his railing against condoms. Honestly, if the Catholic church stepped up to the 20th century, they could have helped curve AIDS but sadly no. Because every Sperm is sacred.

I think that the Catholic church should pick an African Pope. He could be a force of good, understanding what is needed to be done on a contonent that for the past 2-3 thousand years has ravaged by the europeans. I think the would would benifit greatly from having an African Pope. But how would the Catholic Church perishioners react to having a black pope? I think that there would be a kind of Catholic Tea Party which would form. People would protest outside the vadican, dressed like romans, holding signs that read "Go back to Kenya" and "Socialist Nazi!" The irony that Pope Benedict XVI actually once was a Nazi, will be completely missed on this catholic Tea Party.

To be fair, if an African Pope is put in, chances are they would look more like, the actress from Africa, Charlize Theron:



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