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So, we all knew Ted Cruz was crazy. I mean when he was running we knew about the UN-golf-course-hobbit-hole thing.

If you are watching that with subtitles, "Broccoli Mama" as the caption for Barack Obama cracked me up.

Ted Cruz is a hell of a good speaker and we've all seen him do it, but we have to realize this guy is crazy. Not the sweet Joe Biden crazy, or the eccentric Ron Paul crazy. He is the kind of crazy that hurts this country. It damages our reputation and hurts real people. Like Reagan in the 40's and Joe McCarthy in the 50's, he's dangerous.He's following in their paranoid foot steps.

Now, to be fair, most people know about Reagan purging Communists from Hollywood with the FBI when he was the president of the Screen Actor's Guild. I found this out several years ago when took an art history class of contemperary political art from California. My mind was blown when I first saw Hans Burkhardt's "Reagan-Blood Money" (1945). Sadly, I can't find a copy online to share beyond this link from the very book I first saw the image in, the very textbook of the class.

Ted Cruz had Michelle Bachmann before him, but it was Joe McCarthy, not Ronald Reagan, that is remembered for his anti-communist screed, and it will be Ted Cruz who will be remembered for this level of crazy.

Being from Texas, I know the state can do better then this.

Can we find a worthy opponent to run against this nut job? Please? 


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