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If you have to cheat to win an election, maybe you should question your policies? I mean if nobody wants to vote for you, maybe you should ask yourself why? I mean it's not like you're the Green Party which you shut out from the election, you’re the Republican Party! People know you’re the elephant, they know you stand for greed, rape, misogyny, stupidity and hypocrisy. You even have your own news channel. And guess what, most Americans disagree with you. 

So instead of modernizing your agenda and make yourselves look like that progressive party of Lincoln or LaFollette, you’ve become a monster and voters turn away. Can you blame them? You’ve lied us into a war, you subjugate the rights of women, minorities, gays, Democrats, and so on, you cheat to win races, you raise taxes on the middle class just to give that money to the people who bought your seats, is it any wonder we don’t like you?

This country had a rigorous debate and then you stopped talking to us and started acting childish. You cannot be trusted anymore. We should take away your toys. Your Gerrymandered districts. Now, to be fair, Democrats have some crazy districts, too. But that isn’t what the people in the community look like, and we should have someone in office that represents the community as a whole and not some cherry picked voters to give one party dominance because the representation you then send to Washington doesn’t look like the community, it looks like the 1%.

Now, I'm going to start asking you this every episode in this story: please go to the paypal link and make a payment to help aid the protesters in paying legal fees or if you would rather send a check, please message Sue Trace and she will help you. They do have attorneys who are representing them for low or no cost. But at $36 per jury fee, the costs are mounting. These people are singled out by the Scott Walker administration and are trying be silenced instead of being allowed to express their Constitutionally protected rights. 



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