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This is the problem with democracy in America today. We don't have a true representative democracy. The make up of the congress is supposed to look like the people they represent. Instead, they look more like how corporations are maintaining power over us. Republicans are more easily controlled by the corporations, which is why, in most states, Republicans have gerrymandered the districts to seize contol.

It would be refreshing to have people that represent the needs of the people. When Barney Frank retired, he said it was because he didn't know his constituents in the new district and felt that since he would retire in the new term anyway, it was better that he stepped down. Listening to power hungry people, on both sides of the aisle, this was refreshing to hear.

Eliminating drawn districts will also give people the flexiblity to choose their representation, someone from their state whose views more closely reflect their values.

Now, I'm going to start asking you this every episode in this story: please go to the paypal link and make a payment to help aid the protesters in paying legal fees or if you would rather send a check, please message Sue Trace and she will help you. They do have attorneys who are representing them for low or no cost. But at $36 per jury fee, the costs are mounting. These people are singled out by the Scott Walker administration and are trying be silenced instead of being allowed to express their Constitutionally protected rights. 



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