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In March I will be in Texas to help lobby to get money out of politics. There is a bill that is moving to the floor of Texas and I will be there to do my small part.

Can you believe it? The state that amplified our problems and broke our federal government may help fix the problem. The state that gave us George W. Bush, Louie Gomert, and Carl Rove will being us a future where we take away some of the power.

Although there is overlap from the real libertarians who want to help get money out of politics, they still fail to address the real problem, which is power. For at least 3000 years people have known that power corrupts. As Republious was rebuffing to Alexander Hamilton and his praises of the Electoral College tried to say elected officials should have the fear of god put into them by their constituance. Without gerrymandered districts or an electoral college, and getting money out of politics, we can actually put the fear of god back into our elected officials. Not by threating them with guns, like treasonous cowards, but by winning elections.

Service to our country should be the goal, being able to represent the citizens and lead. However with monied interests buying our representatives, it puts another layer between us, we the people, and power. The ideal of America is anyone one of humble origins has a chance of winning the presidency. However, over the years, the oligarchy has put barriers up so most people don't have accsess to the politicians. The peole who vote for the elected representatives and make less then 35,000, your voices are not heard. To put this in perspective, in 2010 50% of the households were making 49,445 or less. That number dropped from 2009.

We need to change things. The government is there to protect us from threats both forign and domestic. Domestic means corperation, orginized money. Yes, orginozed money should have certain rights, but they have to play by the rules. Orginized people should also be protected and play by the rules. Once we do this we will have more just system and we have to figure out how corperete elete are planning to game the system. Our government's job is to be ever vigilant. And we, we are suppose to have life, liberty and the persuite of happyness.

Now, I'm going to start asking you this every episode in this story: please go to the paypal link and make a payment to help aid the protesters in paying legal fees or if you would rather send a check, please message Sue Trace and she will help you. They do have attorneys who are representing them for low or no cost. But at $36 per jury fee, the costs are mounting. These people are singled out by the Scott Walker administration and are trying be silenced instead of being allowed to express their Constitutionally protected rights. 



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You can help amend the constitution to get money out of politics, by joining up with WolfPac!
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