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With our finances so strained, we implore you to help us out. We have several ways for you to do so:

You can purchase the 20th century version of the webpage, the collected Right About Now, vol. 2. It includes comics I made but never ran and you have never read.

You can also buy tee shirts from my Skreened shop. Skreened is a Print on Demand tee shirt manufacturing site where everything is environmentally sound and made in the USA. You can choose from many designs here: Right About Now's POD Tee Shirt Emporium.

Also, in early 2014, I will have an illustration appearing in Dave Silverman's up coming book. I, Atheist: America's Loudest Heathen Fires Back You can pre-order yours from Amazon and, by using this link, a small portion of your order is not given to a company that is souless and impersonal, but in fact will greatly help me and my family.

Finally, we have high quality shirts in various sizes avallable. You can make payments below, however, there may be a delay in the shipping of your shirt due to our move. We have 3 styles available, Treason in Defense of Slavery, Warning Fascism, and Unionize! Please use the payment button below and I will get in touch with you as soon as I receive the order and let you know what the status of things is.

Or if you want to make a one time donation for the work we do here, please click below.


Or you can use my WePay store:

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If you need more Dave Silverman products in your life, you can pre-order your very own shirt and have it intime for the holidays! That's right, when the Christmas Crusaders come swooping in you can poke them back without even touching them. Make sure you put your order in now!

What the shirt will look like

View Progress


Of course you can always join our Facebook page for news, graphics, and discussions on all things!

Help me get the word out about this comic! If you are reading the comic and ever felt that more of your friends should read this book, then click the link below and allow us to tell your friends about Right About Now as often as you choose by either donating your Twitter or Facebook accounts. We will tell your friends about this comic so you won't have to. Thank you for your support!



You can help amend the constitution to get money out of politics, by joining up with WolfPac!
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