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There is an empty seat coming up in the House of Representatives with Frank Wolf retiring. So after doing so well losing state wide, with crazies who want to ban oral sex (Making sure Virginia isn't for lovers) and who think that yoga leads to demonic possession, the GOP trots out this dick, Dick Black. A man who calls the morning after pill, "baby pesticide," a man who feels that Richmond, Virginia, you know, in the United States of America, isn't a place for a statue of Abraham Lincoln, who thinks rape in the military is acceptable, and who has worked hard to eliminate rights for the gay and lesbian families of his great state. (You can read all of this and more right here.)

To say he's kinda rapey is an understatement. I am so dumbfounded that he would run seeing as how Virginia has rejected this kind of buffoon in state-wide elections.Instead they are looking at the guy who plays with plastic fetuses. I guess Virginia is jealous of the crazy coming from Florida?

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