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 Scott Walker is against women even when he isn't trying. First he wrestled the title "Governor Ultrasound" from Bob McDonald, and now he shows that Wisconsin is improving by celebrating a man who has spent the past decade with arrests for drunkeness and sexual assault and who is a registered sex offender.

Now, to be fair, I do hope that Christopher Barber is a success story and he is now an actual productive member of society and is fully rehabilitated, but that is not why Scott Walker used him as a prop. He wanted to show his conection to the everyman who can't find work, but his example is a man who has some major problems and that is the main reason he can't find work. I really do hope that Christopher Barber turns over a new leaf, I am cheering that he does.  But the only thing that Scott Walker has in common with Christopher Barber is that Walker is a criminal too. Unlike Barber, he has graduated to the level in this country that, unless you are a Democrat or you do something really, really bad, you can't get arrested.

The worse problem is, governors like Scott Walker tend to be obsessed with priivatizing prisons, which ends up being unconstitutional in they way prisoners are mistreated and which does not rehabilitaite the inmates. I do hope that Barber has opportunities so he can put the past behind him, I am just concerned that hanging out with known criminals like Scott Walker would have a bad effect on him and he will continue in the cycle of drinking, sexual assault and prison stints.

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