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Art Robinson is known for crazy things. Much like Ron Paul, but no scientist would back this guy's work. He thinks nuclear radiation is a good thing and should be sprinkled into our drinking water. Like Ron Paul, he had a newsletter espousing his crazy views and like Ron Paul he is trying to get into Congress. However, unlike Ron Paul, his crazy hypotheses have not been embraced by the far right.

Art Robinson is a scientist who is conducting a study of cancer markers within a group's urine over the course of five years, however, he is doing this while he is running for Congress as the head of the Oregon Republican Party. Like Ron Paul, he should be scoffed at for his ignorance, like Ron Paul's racism, Art Robinson's belief that radiation is good should be known by everyone so we know how dangerous clowns like this are.

Although, it doesn't mean we can't have fun while we do it.


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