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To those of you who've seen King of RPGs before: hallelujah! The former minicomic has now been completely redone and expanded into a graphic novel series with art by Victor Hao! The publisher is Del Rey Manga and the release date is currently scheduled for December 2009.

If this is your first time seeing King of RPGs... this site contains some older minicomics drawn by Jason Thompson before the series was fully fleshed out and Victor took over as artist. These are the Stone Age King of RPGs... the King of RPGs Gaiden. Hit the red die to go back to the oldest strips. We'll be putting new artwork and comics up at

Talk to you soon, and remember the fundamentals of role-playing!

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Jason Thompson is the creator of KING OF RPGS, THE STIFF and other works. He is also a manga editor and reviewer. Victor Hao is a comic artist and 3D animator. ... full profile