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January 2010, and I had a vision of a music video. It would start in a snowy park or forest, with a bunch of people in Santa Claus costumes standing around holding flares. They are watching another Santa try to start a chainsaw. He eventually gets it started and they cheer. Then he goes racing out of the park, holding the chainsaw high, the other Santas following along. They go running through streets that are empty and snow that is fresh. Eventually the chainsaw guy goes running up some steps to a house, in through the front door, down the hall to the living room where there is a fully decked out Christmas tree. Lights, presents, ornaments, the whole deal. And then we go into slow motion, watching him hack apart the tree with the chainsaw. He chops it up, chops up the presents, maybe the furniture a bit. The other Santas follow in and watch. When the tree is a pile of branches, chainsaw guy powers down, just as the song ends. The Santas all cheer. Video ends. I picture the whole thing being very rough and hand-held.

I didn't even have a song in mind, or a style. It could work for all kinds of different things. Anyways, since I have no resources for video making or Santa costumes, I drew it as a comic. There were more Santas in my original vision, but that would have been hard to draw!

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