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A hut and a laptop

I guess not all of them are homeruns. The first image was inspired by a conversation I had with Manien about the Ladies #1 Detective Agency (or whatever it is called) being made into a tv show. We haven't read the books or seen the show, but I read an article discussing it where apparently some people were down on it because it showed people in Africa being happy and having a mellow life - ignoring the troubles and struggles going on there. Which is idiotic to me. You are only allowed to do stories about "the issues"? Are the only stories I am allowed to do about the Issues in Canada? The crack problems? The gang shootings? The taser-happy police? The Olympic fiasco? Screw that.

Um, yeah. So it is a lame drawing. And there is Manien buying something online on the kitchen counter, through the miracles of technology.

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