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Dark man, lizard man

Jun 3 09. I got home from work and was starving. I could hear Manien was upstairs visiting with our neighbour. So I waited a while for her to come home. So hungry! And so the drawings are two variations on my sad self-pity and hunger. The first one has a gate or grill in the chest to continue with my body house theme. The second one appears to be channelling Billis (http://youngadventurefriends.alienculture.com/). I made dinner, and went up to retrieve the wife.

In the end it turned out that while I was working late, there was a gigantic hooha going on at home with alarms going off, alarm companies having to be called, firemen tramping around the house, panics to try to reach the neighbour and so on. So Manien was up having a glass of wine with the neighbour to relax after all that. My hunger suddenly didn't seem like such a crisis. 

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