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Going into this I didn't really have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, just a vague idea that it might be a Halloween-y or horror thing, and that as a challenge the horror should all occur in broad daylight. I picked up an issue of Paste magazine, to use for random inspiration, and it turned out to be their Violence Issue, so it just kept me on the path of blood and so on.

I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with Ed. He took pictures of all our beers.  You can see some of them here and here. We drew at his studio, and then continued on working on our comics at the Vancouver Comic Jam. I came home and caught a few hours of sleep and then carried on in the morning.

I started this at a sleep disadvantage, but managed to get it done in just slightly over 25 hours. I guess I should stop trying to do them in colour.

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Jesse Bochner (youngadonis) says: Your tractor action is the new Evel Knievel. Pulse pounding white knuckle terror!
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