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Self portrait after a dangerous walk.

almost exploded

i decided to walk home from work this day, and it was still hot and dry and bright out. since it wasn't there was air conditioning in the temporary office (which was especially cold in my little corner), i was wearing long pants. and so i was chugging along these back streets that had a washed out 70s look to them, and i was doing fine. then i started up a slope and i started getting a little warm. i didn't know the streets i was on, just the general direction i wanted to go. and so i ended up cutting across a ravine, stumbling through branches brambles and mud on the way down, and huffing and puffing up some stairs on the way up.

(i should perhaps point out again that i was in really terrible physical condition at this time. perhaps an all time low)

and then the remaining few blocks were just slightly uphill which was enough to almost kill me. by the time i got home i was dripping sweat and my face was bright bright red. i splashed my face with water, and laid down and breathed and it still took quite some time for me to return to normal. i felt so awful.
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