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The last drawing is not really the last drawing.

not really last drawn. august 17. finizzle.

well much as it started, the one (hundred) page project ends a little shakily. i must have been determined to just get the thing done at this point, as the second drawing was done while i was still sitting in the kitchen. looking into the bathroom that manien and i were using at the time (which opened, most awkwardly, right off the kitchen), drawing myself in the mirror. i remember trying to draw quickly so the light wouldn't shift too much.

and then the first drawing on this page, the last one of the project, was done back in the bedroom. "finizzle", suggests that i was feeling the project ended with a fizzle, not a bang.

it has been interesting to go back and look at all these drawings, and to try to recall what my headspace was, and to appreciate that my circumstances are much better now than they were in the late summer of 2004. now i need a new project!
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