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This is it

It was October 3 2009, and I was still sort of tired from the travelling and parties of SPX the weekend before. But it was 24 Hour Comic Day and I love that stuff. So I decided to do one. And in the morning before I got going, I was online and chatting with Inkstuds Robin about my Mixed Tape for his Inkstuds Mixed Tape project. I was sending over my mix. He was telling me how Jeffrey Brown had done a ONE PAGE COMIC to accompany his mixed tape. Since I was about to draw one anyways, I said that I could have a TWENTY FOUR PAGE COMIC to accompany my mix.

And because I have done a few 24 hour comics before, and I have successfully done a number of full colour comics, that was what I was aiming for with my comic inspired by my mixed tape. As it turned out I was too worn out to get the comic done in 24 hours. I ended up wandering around and hanging out with people and having a pleasant day, but the comic was not happening. So it ended up taking me until October 7 to get the thing done, technically making it a 103 hour comic. 

You can hear the mix of music here: http://inkstuds.com/?p=2378

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