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DEMOLTION DOVE, created by Javier Hernandez (El Muerto, Weapon Tex Mex), first appeared in this 4 page preview comic. The comic will be published as a web comic, with a mid to late 2011 target launch date.  Demolition Dove is a satirical, political comic that takes no prisoners in it's stance for independent thinking! Inspired by the great Steve Gerber's HOWARD THE DUCK (and also DESTROYER DUCK!), Demolition Dove also takes a cue from sources as diverse as BILLY JACK, NETWORK, DEATH WISH, TEAM AMERICA and MAD MAX, with a little helping of the author's scathing contempt for politcal parties (the type with a stanglehold on American free-thinking and progress!). The 4 page preview, "Mr. D in A TALE OF TWO PARTIES" also owes a bit of inspirition to Steve Ditko's MR. A comics.
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