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MANGA MUERTO in "You Only Die Twice!"

This first Manga Muerto story I created. My good friend and fellow cartoonist Rafael Navarro collaborated with me on this story by providing his dazzling inking to my pencils. Rafael's superb inking skills really made this first story shine. All I've basically done is re-letter the comic from it's 2000 incarnation. The lettering and word balloons weren't as readable as they should have been so I've given a lettering an upgrade. Manga Muerto is basically my idea to take my comic character El Muerto and transform him into a Johhny Sokko-type Japanese manga character. A dead guy with a giant robot! Besides Giant Robot, I'm heavily influenced by GIGANTOR, SPEED RACER and DEVILMAN & MAZINGER Z. You can buy a printed copy of MANGA MUERTO VOL 1 at my web shop at my site JAVZILLA, featuring 3 Manga Muerto stories plus pin-ups and extras!
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