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i left out all the details of my operation, mostly because drawing them out would've been tedious and FUCKING SORE ON MY HAND, JESUS CHRIST.

but if you wanna know, yeah, morphine's pretty ace, and my boyfriend's a huge wimp and fainted when he saw me coming round in the hospital bed because i had a stomach drain in place (some tube to drain all the fluids and blood out). it felt like i'd had my stomach kicked in by a pretty miffed horse for a few days but a month later, i felt great.

i still can't really eat very fatty foods because now i don't have a gallbladder, my stomach can't handle all the excess fat without somewhere to store the bile like it used to, so it can't trickle that stuff in slowly to help digestion... instead the liver just pumps it straight into my stomach, i guess, so then my stomach is like ahh what the fuck's going on here, abort, evacuate, evacuate.. and... you get the idea. fatty foods = sitting on the toilet all day. pretty cool when you're dining out at a restaurant.

oh, and i can't handle alcohol for SHIT anymore. a few drinks get me absolutely wasted and then i have ultra long hangovers, two days long to be exact. basically even though i don't have a gallbladder anymore, i'm still fucked. but at least i don't have to deal with that kind of pain anymore. wouldn't wish that on anyone, seriously.

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