365 Days With Jay
365 Days With Jay

365 Days With Jay

Follow Jason Marcy as he posts a moment or moments from his real life in these daily strips. Everyone from his wife Kris, son Xander, father in law Ray, friends and other family will often make an appearance. It's real life, so not every day will be one of excitement, but you'll eventually fall into the rhythm of one autobio cartoonist's view of his world!
Chris Watkins (odoripark) says: Hi, Jay -- Don't know if you remember me from meeting a couple times at the Canadian National Expo many moons ago, but I'm really enjoying catching up with your comics here!

Re: the strip on the 18th, my son does the exact same thing your son does. It also works with feet and socks.

-Chris Watkins
(formerly of BorderWalker.com, now working on OdoriPark.com :)
Randy Reynaldo (wcgcomics) says: Jason, glad to see you're still plugging away! --Randy Reynaldo
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Jason Marcy has been creating autobio comics since 1993 and began his daily journal series in 2000. He has a number of long form stories that have been published in the series Jay's Days and others. ... full profile