365 Days With Jay
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Jason Marcy has been at this comics thing since 1989, when he started doing a superhero spoof book called "Gavin". From Gavin sprouted "Powerwus", which ran for 30 odd digest issues including Annuals and Specials.

Jay took his first steps into autobiographical comics in 1993, with his six issue series "Tales From the Petro Canada Man", stealing the book's basic template from Joe Matt's first Peep Show book. He then moved onto longer form stories with the two issue series "Marcy Musings".

His first  professionally published autobio work was the graphic novel "Jay's Days", published through Landwaster Books. Two more would follow in the Jay's Days series, "Thirty, Cavities, and Hemorrhoids, Oh My!" and the highly acclaimed "Pasta Shop Lothario". 

With his own imprint, "Hairy Bald Guy Books", Jay has published "Jason Marcy's Book of Hate",  "My Day in the Life of Jay" (Wherein other artists wrote and drew their own adventures with Jay...), "Marcy Musings:Always the Same" (stories by Jay interpreted by other cartoonists...), "Where I've Been and Want to Be: A Coolection of Anthology Work and More", and most recently has collected the first five years of his daily journal strip "365 Days With Jay:The First Five Years of Jason Marcy's Journal Comic".

A lot of these books can be ordered through lulu.com.

His work has also appeared in various anthologies: "Side B: The Music Lover's Anthology", "House of Twelve's "Filth" book", "Always Comix Age Eight", various issues of "Don't Touch Me Comics" magazine, and the Hurricane Katrina benefit book "Menu No.1 &2 Hurricane Relief Anthology: Book Ready to Entertain"