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Vol. 1, Jan 1994-Summer 1996

Appeared in alternative weekly papers, THE STRANGER [Seattle, WA.], NuCITY [Albuquerque, NM.], MOTIVE [Guelph, ON.], and, without permission or compensation, VICE [Montreal, PQ.]. The strip also ran briefly in a few other odd places like NYC's MAD PLANET. Collected in Trade Paperback by Art Ick Productions (self published)- July 1996. Second edition by Oni Press- January 2002.

This weekly black and white comic strip introduced Jetcat, Tod, Giant Radio-Controlled Robot, and a host of other characters, as the city of Oddville went crazy over the appearance of a little flying baby.

Vol. 2, July 1997-June 1998

Black and white comic book published by Dark Horse Comics. Four issues, collected in trade paperback as THE LAND OF NOD ROCKABYE BOOK- Feb. 1999 by Dark Horse.

Jetcat stars in an epic tale in which she battles the Jetcat Hater's Club, teams up with Space Ape Number 8 in another Dimension, and becomes her own mother. Seriously.

September 1998- April 2000

Four Primetime animated shorts that can still be caught in reruns. Jetcat faces off against Tod and Giant Radio-Controlled Robot in SACRED IDENTITY, Tod joins up with the evil Bela Kiss in PROJECT: EVIL, Jetcat keeps the city dry by fending off Moby Doc in LUNCHTIME, and swats the pesky Viki Von Vermin and a transformed Tod in, I WAS A GRADESCHOOL WEREMOTH.


Dec. '98 - "Skyscrape" Summer '99 - "Plumbstruck" Jan. '00 - "Gross Outing" July '01 - "Cake Walk"

These full colour strips [the first three were double-pagers] were commissioned during the brief period Jetcat was a Nickelodeon TV star. They feature wacky battles with Superfreek, Pieces of Eight, Jetcrud, and HeebieJeebie, respectively. Reprinted in Jetcat Clubhouse.

Fall 1999

Funny Valentine Press published this benefit comic commemorating the 1999 March of the Americas that featured, amoung many other works, a new Jetcat story that vaguely touches on the issue of homelessness. Reprinted in Jetcat Clubhouse.

Vol. 1, April 2001- August 2001

Oni Press published this three issue, black and white series, with full-colour sections in issues one and three. Collected in trade paperback with new material as JETCAT CLUBHOUSE by Oni Press- Aug 2002.

Short stories featuring the new team-up of Jetcat, Tutenstein, Oddette, and Ploppy [the baby Space Ape]. Also included many reprints, adaptations of the four animated shorts, and behind-the-scenes animation stuff.

Vol. 2, March 2003- present

Go and read it, silly!
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