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Darth Vader
Sure, in the SW universe he was a baddie, but this Vader is different. Goofy in his own right, Darth goes through life encountering one zany incident after another, accompanied by his friends KK (Kamakazie Kitty) and the Paper Kat. ... more
Kamakazie Kitty (aka KK)
The Kamakazie kitty (Or KK as he's called) is an Oriental cat boasting a fez that resembles a lit stick of dynamite, hence his name. He has a thing for rice and is also one of Darth's good friends, and knows a few other loopy characters. ... more
Paper Kat
The Paper Kat, as he's called, is (in a way) KK's brother. While KK visits Darth, PK lives with him. PK gets his name due to the fact he often has a rolled up newspaper at hand to smack things with, whether it be insects, stubborn technology, or Darth him ... more
The Fezz
The Fezz is a bizzare fellow KK happened to encounter. Completely round, with no body, and boasting a pair of huge ears and a rediculous looking fez, as well as a goofy smile on his face, The Fezz doesn't talk very much, if at all, so its unknown if he ca ... more
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I'm a freshman in college, going for Graphic Design. I enjoy role playing and currently have 66 characters for that purpose. I'm also the rotoscoping artist for Randomness Productions. ... full profile