I have a lot of projects/road trips. Let's see how fast I ink
Another art collective takes a hit! Plus late night speed rumbles down below.

At the time this was written, we weren't the only game in town as far as bohemian fringe-y politic art collectives went.  There was the nearby Trailer Park, so named for a number of trailers on the lot. Their reputation was more "hipster" than "hippie", and while I'm not so sure either appellation is anything to write home about, the few who'd come by at different times seemed a decent enough bunch. And of course, like anybody else in Brooklyn who wasn't interested in a yuppie lifestyle and unofficial indentured servitude to Bloomberg, they got on the city's radar.

More information on Trailer Park, including their documentations of their travails, can be found at this website:


The MST3K reference is an extra cute touch. :)

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