I have a lot of projects/road trips. Let's see how fast I ink
"We're bloody sick of this!"

One side effect of all this was learning the different ways people reveal who they really are when living under unending duress. Some will tell you that it's exactly what the developers, police, and politicians have in mind; to break apart seemingly radical or fringe communities under a barrage of pressure.

Now the question is, does anyone reading this think that's what they're seeing happening here?

Is this snapshot of a moment from that night, do you think you see a "good guy" or a "bad guy"? If so, who do you think they are? Are the claims various people are making true or false?

As things unravel, what you suppose about that may not be how things pan out Or, you may have glanced at this, or have read all the strips thus far and discerned the situation to a T. I mean, this is still stuff from back in March. Like I've said before, I pencil these journal strips nearly every day, but it takes me much longer to ink, color, and upload them especially with everything else I'm doing. I could add a whole lot of commentary to this, but, it would be spoliers. :p


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