I have a lot of projects/road trips. Let's see how fast I ink
In La-La Land it's the return of the D.O.B.! In the guise of a dead underground icon!

Again, not much to add that doesn't appear in the comic, other than no, I did not take drugs and forget about it, it was more of a mental health crisis. And that for those reading who don't know, yeah, the inspector really did look like underground actor, comedian, and sometime bodyguard to Sid Vicious, Rocket's Redglare. (R.I.P.) Here:

Ironically, when Rockets did occasionally pop up in a (usually silly) mainstream movie set in New York City, he was invariably the charactor actor cast as the gruff "Noo Yawk" cabbie/night clerk/bouncer/whatever. So it's not such a far stretch to think of him playing the gruff building inspector either.

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