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The Front



Thirsty Doyle
Hi, I'm Thirsty Doyle, the narrator and, I suppose, protagonist of the story. I was a fairly normal kid until my 18th Birthday rolled around... ... more
Knox Centerdrive
This is Knox, my best friend. He's laid back, quiet, and generally more likeable than I am. ... more
Gibson VanBuren
This is Gibson, the guy we used to avoid walking to school with, but it turns out later that he's just as important to the bad guys' plot as Knox and I are. ... more
Rex Doyle
Rex is my adoptive Father. He took me in when I was a little kid. Little did I know at the time it was to protect me from an ancient evil. He's my inspiration and my hero. ... more
Opal Gautier
Opal is Rex's right-hand man. He's not the most creative thinker, but his bravery is without question. He also can't stand Gaelin, which wins bonus points with me. ... more
Gaelin is the sourpuss of Rex's group. But for all his grumbling, he's a handy guy to have around. He claims to be the greatest fighter in the world. ... more
Max Ordoñez
Max is the cheerful counterpart to Gaelin. He's always ready for a brawl, but he'd much rather be eating barbecue and knocking back root beers. ... more
Supporting Cast: Nina Medina

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Jerzy Drozd likes to draw comics, especially with his pal Sara Turner. You can read more of their comics at ... full profile