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The Front

Knox Centerdrive

Name: Knox Samuel Centerdrive
Occupation: High School Student
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ron (father), Roxanne (mother)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mount Haven
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red


Knox moved to Mt. Haven at about the same time Rex adopted me. We met in kindergarten, and at first we hated each other's guts (I think it had to do with some dispute over the green finger paint). By first grade we were the best of pals, and we've been ever since.


Knox is a pretty tight-lipped guy. He comes off as easygoing, but that's mostly because just about everything comes easy to him. I think he secretly gets a kick out of seeing me lose my cool all the time, but just the same he's a good sympathetic ear when I've had a bad day.

No one likes to look like an idiot, but I think Knox fears this more than most people. He's a bit of a coward, and I think part of the reason he's so aloof is because he's really worried about making a fool of himself. He's the kind of guy who will blend into the background at a party, and everyone remembers him as being that good-natured, soft-spoken guy. This is all speculation, mind you. I confronted Knox about this a long time ago, and he just gave me a hippo bite. I guess he's not a big fan of psychology.


As far as we can figure it, Knox seems to be invulnerable to kinetic energy. You can hit him in the face with a cinder block, and it won't hurt him. He can be cut or scraped, though, so I'm guessing friction affects him like it does normal people. Funny how his power seems more like a virtue, and just makes people like him more, while my power just makes me creepy to girls.

We've never tested the limits of his ability, so we don't know if falling from a 10-story building would hurt him or not. But if he keeps sniggering under his breath whenever I'm dealt dirt, we may find out... Back to the Cast Page

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