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The Front

Rex Doyle

Name: Rex Patrick Doyle
Occupation: Adventurer, International Security Consultant
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Ida (wife, deceased), Thirsty (adopted son)
Group Affiliation: The Weapons Users
Base of Operations: Mount Haven
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: White


Rex is one of the latest members of an ancient organization known as the Weapons Users. Over the last century he's kept an oath to protect the paranormals from his group's former leader known as the Sword User. A few years after he adopted me, he and the other Weapons Users (along with some of the older Paranormals) went to war with the Sword User, and they foiled his plans to conquer the world with some giant robot. His role in those battles earned him a little bit of respect from some government bigwigs, and he's freelanced himself out to them as a security advisor from time to time. These days he's got his hands full protecting Knox, Gibson, and me from those mercenaries who attacked us at the county fair.


At first blush Rex seems to be a cranky old man, but underneath that gruff exterior he's actually pretty caring. He's just used to being listened to and gets kinda impatient when someone decides to argue or interrupt. Still, he's not the type to do a lot of laughing or smiling. Rex had a wife a long time ago, and he's not very talkative about her. I've seen the photos of them in his room. They looked pretty happy together. She died of old age, while Rex, being a Weapons User, lived on. I've always assumed this would be a touchy subject, so I never bring it up with him.

All that aside, he's the bravest person I've ever known, and because of that he's my role model.


Rex is the newest Bow User, which means he carries a bow made of the crazy alien metal that came to Earth thousands of years ago. The metal grants him all sorts of abilities, including long life (he's probably close to 100 years old), above average intelligence, increased endurance, and enhanced strength. Now that I think about it, he's sort of like a Greek Hero that way, 'cept I imagine Theseus being a lot less grouchy. He took a full wallop from Jared during that fight at the county fair, after which a Ferris wheel collapsed on him, yet he still got right back up. He's also a pretty good athlete, but whether this comes from the bow or if it's just years and years (and years) of training is open for debate.

Rex and the bow are bonded, meaning they are part of each other. So he can sort of "absorb" the bow into himself when he's not using it. The bow fires shafts made of the alien metal, which he can summon and absorb the same way. Shortly after he's hit his target (and he always does), the arrow will vanish, returning to Rex.

As for weaknesses, I'm not sure he has any. I would guess that...well...I'm his only weakness. Not only because I can get under his skin so easily, but because he's so intent on protecting me. Back to the Cast Page

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