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The Front

Max Ordoñez

Name: Maximilian Hector Ordoņez
Occupation: Adventurer, Fix-it Shop Proprietor
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Audrey (mother), Hector (father), Austin (brother), Caleb (brother), Dominique (sister), Francis (brother), Tyler (brother)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mount Haven
First Appearance: BOCEFUS WHILE-YOU-WAIT #6
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 280 lbs., (In metallic form) 800 lbs.
Eyes: Brown, (in metallic form) Yellow
Hair: Black, (in metallic form) None


I don't know much about Max's history. Supposedly he wasn't involved in the old wars with the Sword User seven years ago - his relationship with Rex must've began relatively recently. He lives in Mt. Haven and runs a fix-it shop, but I don't think he's lived here all his life. He constantly refers to "back home", where his family lives.

Speaking of his family, I understand that Max is the only one that got any strange abilities out of all of his sibs. Luck of the draw, I guess.

He seems to have some special connection to Gaelin - like they're friends or something. I think they have some history together, which could be the reason Gaelin is even around. I dunno.


Knox doesn't think very highly of Max. He sees him as a "redneck". But I disagree. I think of Max as the idealized Wild West Hero. You know, the good-natured cowboy who isn't looking for a fight, but heaven help you if you bring one to him. Straightforward, optimistic, brave, all that stuff. I think if I ever caught him telling a lie my entire world would fall apart.

Rex has hinted that Max has some kind of amazing technological aptitude that you wouldn't expect from a guy like him - "...and it ain't just his knack for fixin' toasters", to quote Rex directly. I'm not sure what he means by that. Maybe Max has some history with this goofy MNSA thing I keep reading about in Rex's files.


Max can alter his physical structure to some kind of metallic substance at will. Once he does this, Max claims he is ABSOLUTELY INVULNERABLE. Fire, electricity, concussive blasts - nothing can hurt him. Rex has backed up this claim, and that's proof enough for me. When he's in contact with the ground it looks like he re-distributes any intense energies inflicted on him, and he can stay completely immobile no matter what's hitting him. Once he's airborne, though, you can toss him around all you want, and kinetic attacks will push him around, but they still won't hurt him.

He gets stronger in his metallic mode, but not by much - it's mostly to compensate for his altered density. So he's still no stronger than a really large man.

His increased density is his only weakness, really. He still needs to breathe, and his ultra-heavy metallic form isn't very good for swimming. Good thing Mt. Haven doesn't have any real lakes to speak of. Back to the Cast Page

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