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The Front


PSP Download Packages

The Front Part One: "Happy Birthday!"
My day starts off on a pretty good note - it's my birthday, and the last day of school. My luck suddenly changes when I get attacked by a big hairy monster at the County Fair.
... Download
The Front Part Two: "Fair Fight!"
Rex shows up to bail me out of the bad situation I suddenly found myself in - but things look grim when those nutty monsters and mercenaries gang up on him. The conclusion to the fight at the county fair!
... Download
The Front Part Three: "Sentinels"
After Rex fills us in on why we were attacked at the county fair, I need a burger break to let everything sink in. But wouldn't you know it? Those crazy mercenaries are at it again, and with Rex and Opal back at the apartment, things look bad!
... Download
The Front Part Four: "Tricky-Con"
Rex, Opal, Gaelin, and Max tag along when Knox and I go to (what I consider to be) the Event of the Century. However, the Brigadier General is back with another scheme to capture us!
... Download
The Front Part Five: "Two Minutes To Midnight"
The full scope of the conflict is revealed, all the pieces are put in place for the final battle, and hey, Knox finally actualizes his powers!
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  1. Download the .zip file(s) linked above.
  2. Create a new folder and extract the contents of the .zip file(s) into that folder.
  3. Do not put the .zip file itself into the folder you created -- just the .jpg's
  4. Connect your Playstation Portable to your computer with a USB cable.
  5. Copy the folder(s) you created onto your PSP's memory stick, inside the "PHOTOS" directory.
  6. Disconnect the PSP from your computer.
  7. Go snow-boarding.
  8. While riding the ski-lift, turn on your PSP, navigate to "Photos," and find the folder(s) you copied to your memory stick.
  9. Start reading!

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