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The Replacements


Quiet and aloof, it would appear to others that Helen is a demure creature, timid and soft-spoken; but a few words with her reveal that she has a hardened, cynical view of the world.

Helen was an art student working part-time at the university museum when she was instructed to accession a strange collection. While cataloguing the pieces she found what seemed to be a simple bracelet. When it clasped around her wrist it was activated, summoning a horde of inter-dimensional monsters that reacted to her emotional state. Fortunately for her, she also accidentally activated the robot DHUC, who immediately took it upon himself to protect her from the monsters and get her out of the museum.

Helen's weakness is her fear, borne out of her cynicism and distaste for absurdity. This makes her vulnerable to indecision and panic.

However, her viewpoint, grounded in reality, is her strength. Helen is a clear and levelheaded thinker when she's calm enough. She dislikes Bruce's "mindless loyalty" towards a man he's never met, and is not above pointing out how childish his obsession appears to her. DHUC?s affection for Helen has a softening effect on her personality; she is not ?likely to direct her anger and sarcasm at him. Back to the Cast Page
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