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The Replacements


Cooler than a marble countertop, Bruce is a seamless combination of a serial hero and the 50's rebel; or so he would have you believe. On the surface he is a displaced greaser, but what lies beneath is a man desperately hoping to live up to a heroic ideal.

In his youth he worshipped the 1950s hero chase magnanimous. Bruce zealously collected paraphernalia from his hero's exploits, both real and fictionalized. He came across one of magnanimous' old weapons, a strange mechanical orb, in a failed attempt to meet him at a sci-fi convention. The orb has a vast array of functions (as bruce puts it, "there's no limit to this baby! It's like pi!"). The full capabilities of the orb are unknown even to Bruce, who has only recently mastered some of its potential.

Bruce's main weakness is also a strength. He has an inflated sense of machismo, a need to feel manly and heroic. This causes him to take unnecessary risks, but it also instills him with an indomitable will to do what he feels is right. It's not exactly courage, but there is the possibility that it will evolve into that. He is prone to outbursts of temper, especially at Helen, whose cynical outlook and incredulity oppose everything he's grown up believing. Back to the Cast Page
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