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The Replacements


He was created for destruction, but a malfunction in his programming has given DHUC the soul of a Wild West hero. He is slow to anger, yet will not hesitate to fight, especially to protect the weak. Once Helen accidentally activated him, DHUC developed an immediate attachment to her; he sees himself as her personal bodyguard. Like a true cowboy, he believes in chivalrous treatment towards ladies. He is intolerant of Bruce's occasionally abrasive attitude towards Helen.

Aside from his durable metallic structure and incredible strength, DHUC possesses two weapons, resembling shotguns, housed in his forearms. They can fire an unknown type of ammunition with devastating effect.

If DHUC has any weaknesses, it might be that he is too compassionate. He is also a slow and inarticulate thinker, relying on his actions to speak for him. His reluctance to mistreat women would also give him a disadvantage when dealing with a female foe. Back to the Cast Page
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