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Silver and the Periodic Forces

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The military life is all Maggie has ever known. Her father and four older brothers, all soldiers, were the main guiding factors in her upbringing; as a result, Maggie is a bit of a tom-boy. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Earth Protection Force. She enlisted as soon as she was old enough (and even lied about her age once to try to get in early).

It is unclear whether or not Maggie is a great asset to the organization or a dangerous liability. Her ?let me at ?em? attitude leads her to occasionally disobey orders and put herself at unnecessary risk. She has been in and out of the brig ten times over since she graduated from the Tannu Island academy. There have been times, however, when her initiative has saved the lives of countless EPF soldiers. Thus she regularly gets promoted only to be demoted a few weeks later.

Maggie is currently assigned to the alien known as Silver. The reasoning behind this is, as one of the top brass said: ?What, you wanna manage your two loosest cannons? Keep ?em in the same place, always.? Back to the Cast Page
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