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Silver and the Periodic Forces

Updates daily when episodes are completed.

Silver showed up shortly after the first Cadre attack on Earth. Not much is known about him. He claims to be the sole survivor of Monoawari, a planet destroyed by the Cadre. He immediately enlisted in the EPF, which suited government officials just fine. The buck was then passed to the EPF commanders to keep an eye on him and evaluate his usefulness in the fight against the Cadre.

Silver?s skin is composed of a nearly indestructible alloy. It?s speculated that energy attacks (such as heat or radiation) could harm him, but this has yet to be proven. He can also create powerful force bolts from his right hand. On his left hand he wears what he describes as a ?magic glove? that can summon warriors representing each of the chemical elements. Where these warriors come from is unknown at this time.

There is a mixed reaction to Silver among the EPF personnel. He is still unfamiliar to Earth customs, and has his own esoteric sense of humor. This can either create friction amongst his comrades, or endear them to him. Back to the Cast Page
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