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Silver and the Periodic Forces

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Lao is a career soldier. His exemplary service in the EPF has earned him several promotions which he turned down every time. Lao feels his place is moulding troops into his vision of the perfect trooper. He is consumed with this vision of perfection and impatient with others? lack of such. The severity of his training regimen has earned him the nickname ?Lunch Meat Lao?; the older trainees frighten raw recruits with stories where Lao actually turned an uninspired cadet into lunch meat to be served in the mess hall.

Though not known for his intuitive thinking, Lao is a valiant and courageous man. His loyalty and perseverence are an inspiration to those under his command.

His commanding officers are grateful that Lao won?t accept the promotions he deserves - they couldn?t ask for a more dedicated and uncompromising leader on the ground. If Lao tells his men to leap into a fire, you know they?ll do it, either out of respect for him or fear of him. Back to the Cast Page
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