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Silver and the Periodic Forces

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General Volcan

Volcan is a graduate of one of those space-bartending schools advertised on late-night Telnet. He was drawn in by the promises of fabulous wealth, exotic job locations, and women, women, women.

So you can imagine Volcan?s disappointment when he got his first job at the interstellar crossroads world of J?gr, a barren world that served as a refueling station for cargo vessels.

Bidding his space-bartending farewell, he signed on as the latest member of the Cadre Catastrophe. He knew his race?s native ability to cause volcanic eruptions would secure him a place in their organization, and with any luck, there might be some ladies in the group.

Volcan is not remarkably intelligent, but neither is he stupid. If anything he is a study in mediocrity with some dramatic streaks of braggadocio. He is, in Lao?s words, ?Like that high-school football star who never amounted to anything else. Absolutely no guts or character.? Back to the Cast Page
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