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Chax is an Oistrem, one of a race of beings determined to try their skill in warfare and bold deeds. Chax is smart and can be friendly, but he is sometimes overwhelmed by fierce urges (the "craisht").

Oistrem are materialists and do not believe in an afterlife as Strasmin do, but they appreciate beauty and rigor. Borne from Susekho, they strive to protect the distant plateaus of Botaram from defilement by the Strasmin.

Oistrem are not named at birth, but at death; their names are constructed from the deeds they performed throughout their lives, whether good or ill. For sake of convenience, Oistrem sometimes use tags to identify themselves, but they usually allow only those they respect to use these tags. Chax was feeling low when he tagged himself to Aun as "Chuaxid Daistem," which means "broken-armed, shameful coward." To avoid reference to this in further conversation with Aun, he shortened it to Chax.

Like Strasmin, Oistrem are asexual and assignment of English gender specific pronouns has no intrinsic meaning to them.
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