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This past weekend, the computer that I use to compose Stray to Botaram (the Darwin box) died on me. Nothing daunted, I moved my hard disk into a backup computer and composed the next entry with no more delay than is usual for me.

I don't need to repair Darwin to create this story and do my other tasks; its loss is an inconvenience, not an obstacle. That said, if you'd like to help me to fix it and perhaps soup it up a bit while I'm at it, you can send whatever donation you think appropriate by using the button below. I will thank anyone who donates with a link to a special Botaram story that will not appear in the main storyline - and if you are willing to donate at least $15, I will mail you a personalized sketch.

Regardless of the above, I want to thank everyone who reads this story for giving me your kind attention. I shall strive to be worthy of it.



(Donations will go to "GVCH", my business name.)

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