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Some rare Glorianna artwork and an outline of our heroine's career.
More vintage Glorianna artwork, this time from 1995. This was the wrap-around cover of "Glory Omnibus", a collection of the first 4 Glory minicomics (comprising the "Children of Woe" storyline).


Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that Glorianna's adventures don't necessarily take place in the same order they were published. Below is an approximate timeline showing how her adventures (so far) fit together:

Year 0
A mysterious catastrophe causes the collapse of the Ancients' civilization. The S.S. Carson crash-lands on the Moon. ("The Hall of the Mountain King")

Year 710
Glorianna is born in the small coastal village of Grey Harbor.

Year 726
At the urging of Valangia the Oracle, Glorianna leaves Grey Harbor and takes a job on an outbound merchant ship. She ends up stranded on a small island, where she aquires her armor and sword and scores her first kill. ("The Legacy")

Year 727
Glorianna is captured by Queen Idonta and her tribe in the Valley of Woe. She enters into a marriage of convenience with Portai. ("The Children of Woe")

Year 728
Glorianna gives birth to a daughter, Hope. She leaves the child in the care of an Ojhal priestess and continues to wander. ("The Crucible")

Year 729
Glorianna serves as a guard for a caravan crossing the Sarn Desert, and has a brief fling with fellow guard Jandar. ("The Iron Oasis")
While crossing the desert, Glorianna encounters a priest of Eric. ("Shopping")
Glorianna discovers the lost city of Thamaxia, has an affair with its King, Thanaktos, and battles the necromancer Zorko. ("Love and Death")
Serving with a group of mercenaries in Jaradine, Glorianna uncovers an underground bunker built by the Ancients and the god trapped within. ("Below")

Year 730
Glorianna partners up with the so-called "Dungeon Raiders" and battles the ancient witch Medea. ("The Raid")
Glorianna finds herself whisked back to the time of the Ancients, and befriends a young boy in trouble. ("Time Past")
The vampire Krellek tries to trick Glorianna into killing his enemy Kishandra, but things don't quite go as planned. ("Dirty Deeds")
Glorianna rescues a merman from a sea monster...or does she? ("Brief Encounter")
Glorianna is hired (and romanced) by the aristocrat Lord Claughmoore. Both the job and the romance are short-lived. ("The Art of Murder")

Year 731
Glorianna makes another trip to the era of the Ancients, this time helping a young girl named Sparky battle the criminal Simon Lord. ("The Replacement Killer")
While working on a farm in the Tycan Valley, Glorianna meets a race of bird-men and helps them defeat a giant mole-monster. ("Red Skies")
Glorianna meets Jandar again, and he recruits her into his scheme to steal the Staff of Xenrak from Duke Ludwig of Pangolea. ("Wedding Bell Blues")
In the aftermath of the Duke's disappearance, Pangolea falls into chaos as various factions vie for control. ("Four Corners")

Year 733
Traveling in Nordland, Glorianna finds herself transported to the Moon, which is ruled by a survivor from the time of the Ancients. ("The Hall of the Mountain King")
While hiding out in the far north, Glorianna meets a jolly old elf who lifts her spirits. ("Solstice")

Year 746
Glorianna takes a job as bodyguard to Princess Nemi of Varia and rescues her from the schemes of her uncle, Lord Vasgor. She and Gith, another bodyguard, become lovers. ("The Conscience of the King")

Year 748
Nemi becomes Queen of Varia.
Glorianna is caught in a war between two cults, the Syons and the Ojhal. She encounters her long-lost daughter Hope, only to see her apparently die in a fire. Glori breaks up with Gith and begins to wander again. ("Steel")

Year 751
Glorianna is attacked by a mysterious cloaked woman and her dragon servant. Glorianna is nearly killed, but in the end the woman spares her life and tells her that her daughter Hope is still alive. ("The Crucible")

Year 778
Glorianna babysits her two granddaughters, and tells them tales of her youthful exploits. ("The Crucible")
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