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Every Monday
Let's be honest.
Script by Perry Lake - Pencils by J.K. Carrier - Inks by Larry Blake
Mr. Wonderful created by Eric Hampton

Back in 1994, Perry Lake came up with the idea of a team-up between my Lady Spectra, and Eric Hampton's satirical superhero Mr. Wonderful. The idea was that I would draw the first part, and publish it my zine Fantasy Theater. And then Eric would draw the conclusion and run it in his zine, Tales of the Slouch Hat.

Part One was published, but sadly, Eric never got a chance to draw his half of the story. Eric Hampton died on February 13, 1995.

In the wake of this awful news, our silly little crossover story didn't seem very important, and we put it aside. It was over a year later that Perry broached the idea of finishing it off. We both thought that Eric would have wanted it that way, and Larry Blake generously agreed to ink the conclusion, as he'd done with first part of the story. The second half of the story finally saw print in 1997. And now I'm pleased to be able to bring the whole thing to a wider audience via the internet.

Both in his comics and in person, Eric Hampton had a terrific knack for making people smile. I hope this little story does the same.
-- J. Kevin Carrier
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