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Lady Spectra and a host of other heroes join forces as the Ultra Squad in "Demon War"!
"Ultra Squad: Demon War" was originally published back in 1996 in my zine FANTASY THEATER. Besides Lady Spectra & Sparky, it features a number of guest-stars from other comics zines of that era. On the left, holding the owl, is Night, the patron goddess of Bob Elinskas' swashbuckling superhero MISTER MID-NITE. On the right is Madame Jade, mysterious ruler of the netherworld called Rha-Sha-Shama. She previously appeared in the "Mr. Dark" series that ran in Floyd Sumner's SGT. ROADKIL'S FANBOY JOURNAL.

Script and art by me, from an idea by Perry Lake, and with input from Bob Elinskas, Paul Quinn, Larry Johnson, and Floyd Sumner.

For this "remastered" presentation, I've added color (thanks to Ed Piskor for the "old comicbook" color chart), redone the lettering (with Larry Young's "LYBinky" font). The 1996 version of this page featured a rather incongruous piece of clip art for the castle -- it looked terrible, so I redrew it, based on a stock photo by Eve Livesey.
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