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Every Monday
Teens in peril!
Top row: Robbie comes from the pages of Bob Elinskas' MISTER MID-NITE. Robbie's home life isn't the most stable, and his neighbor Scott Scaltar (aka the adventurer Mister Mid-Nite) has become something of a father figure to him.

On the TV is Space Cat, a children's cartoon character who was revealed to be a vicious demon in Larry Johnson's TALES OF FANTASY (although in recent issues of TOF, he's back to engaging in harmless cartoon shenanigans). Find out more about Larry Johnson's work at

Middle row: Samantha is the daughter of superheroes Doc Saphire and the Phantom Knight, from Paul Quinn's comic CREW OF THE WANDERLUST. She was born with the power to run at superhuman speeds. As she mentions, her father the Phantom Knight was murdered by the villain Decade. But, it seems, he's making a comeback...?

Bottom row: And you all remember Sparky, right?
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